Welcome to the Cat Hotel

Norfolk's online luxuy cattery run by veterinary nurses

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If you would like to arrange a stay for your cat or simply to have a look around, then please contact our Longwater Lane receptionist

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Welcome to The Cat Hotel Cattery Norwich

Norfolk’s only luxury cattery led by Veterinary Nurses.
The Cat Hotel is a fully licensed boarding cattery near Norwich for healthy cats to stay whenever their owners need a hand,and is located at the Taverham Vets Longwater Lane surgery.As the Cat Hotel is run by caring and experienced professionals, we give you peace of mind that your cat will be left in the very best of hands when you go away.

Prior to their stay with us, your cat is checked over and vaccination status is checked by a vet free of charge to make sure they are fit and healthy. A qualified veterinary nurse (VN) will then discuss with you any concerns you may have or particular requirements of your cat, and can show you your cat’s home during their stay with us.

Cattery Norwich

In Safe Hands

All cats are checked by a veterinary nurse or vet daily and at least twice more. A qualified Veterinary Nurse lives in a flat on site a matter of metres away from the Cat Hotel and routinely checks cats in the evening. In the unlikely event of any serious problems arising then the duty vet will always be on hand 24/7. If need be, unwell cats can be transferred to be hospitalised at our main centre at Taverham.
If your cat requires special medication or regular treatment for any condition whilst staying with us, our highly trained veterinary staff can ensure everything is done correctly. Who better to administer medication than a trained veterinary professional?

Our Facilities

We have 9 spacious cat enclosures on the first floor of the Longwater Lane surgery in Costessey. The area is light and airy with the added advantage of air conditioning. This means that no matter the weather, your cat will be cozy and warm in winter and cool in summer. The cat enclosures were designed by a vet at the practice with his cat in mind, and then built to our bespoke specification by a specialist company.

Each enclosure is made of hygienic and impervious uPVC and ‘Altro’ medical grade flooring. There is an ample exercise area and raised sleeping platform. Enclosures also have raised level walkways with ramps connecting to the to the floor level.

The 3D layout ensures your cat has a stimulating environment and that they have many options to chose from when deciding on where to spend some time during their stay. Each enclosure is separated from its neighbour by full height ‘sneeze barriers’.

All enclosures have views of the outside world, including cows grazing in the field adjacent to the practice.

The Norwich Cattery

10% Off

Join our pet health scheme and get 10% off your cat’s stay at THE CAT HOTEL!

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Arrange a Stay

If you would like to arrange a stay for your cat or simply to have a look around

Call: 01603 747344

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The Cat Hotel Cattery – Longwater Lane, Costessey, Norwich, NR8 5AH. 01603 747344

  • Friendly, compassionate,
  • Purpose built “state of the art” cattery
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer
  • 24 Hour Emergency Cover
  • Run by QualifiedVeterinary Nurses
  • Air conditioned
  • Full sneeze barriers
Cattery Norwich

Phone: 01603 747344

Opening Hours

Opening Hours: Consultations by Appointment
Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm/  Wed late appts until 7pm
Saturday 9am -12pm

Cat only clinics Wed 3-4.40pm

Weekend and Evening appointments available at the Taverham Vets surgery on Fir Covert Road.

24hour emergency service run from the Taverham Vets Building

23 Longwater Ln, Norwich, Norfolk NR8 5AH